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Newborn Session Info

Ideally the session should take place within 4-10 days after birth, this is the only way to capture the baby as a newborn and get those cute sleeping baby pictures.

Please contact me while you are still pregnant so I can build time into my calendar around your due date for your session. If you are scheduling your birth, please let me know as soon as possible. Call me soon after you deliver so we can arrange a time for the session. I will come to your home and spend 2-4 hours taking pictures.  Please do not worry about the state of your house, I have had babies and I know what my house looked like (well, it only gets worse as kids grow!). I do not care how big of a pile you have in the sink, actually paper plates were our best friends the first month or so. I will just need you to choose the brightest room in your home and clear the space in front of the window. Try to feed the baby right before I come and burp them good, also loosen the diaper about 20-30 minutes before the session, so that there won’t be diaper’s imprints on their skin. I will need the room to be very warm, about 85-90F (I will bring a small space heater). We will be hot, but the baby will feel just like in the womb.

If there are any special blankets, clothes or toys that you want in the pictures, have them ready.

You will also have to decide whether you want pictures of just the baby, or also family portraits. Please let me know ahead of time so we can discuss the details.

The session will go slow and stress-free: you can change or feed the baby at any time, we’ll take as many breaks as you and the baby need. If you ever feel uncomfortable with the poses, just let me know.


Children and Family

All sessions are on location using natural light. Your session can be in the comfort of your home, backyard, a local park, or another outdoor location of your choice near Frederick, Maryland or the DC area. I am always open for suggestions. The light is best early in the morning or late afternoon. You can bring different outfits.